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The Original Wine Slushee, first to register in America.
Menrathwine Slushee is a Fruity, Frozen Slushee equally balanced with Fruitiness, Sweetness and Body of Wine. Enjoyed at Stadiums, Movie Theaters, Sports Arenas, Wineries, Amphitheaters, Sports Bars, Restaurants and at Home using your blender

"Menrathwine Slushee"  has been to  2 World Series and 1 National League Championship at Busch Stadium, St Louis Zoo, Wineries, River City Rascals Stadium, Restaurants and Sports Bars.  This has introduced Wine Slushees to St Louis and now folks are buying it for Weddings, Anniversaries and Home functions. !

​​Festivals and Home Use

Menrathwine Slushee has made the rounds to a number of festivals and shows like, "THE WORKING WOMEN SURVIVAL SHOW",  The ladies embrace our wine slushees and ask us what companies carry it so they can support those establishments.

This popularity has grown into Wedding Reception purchases, Anniversary and we had a Baby Shower event as well, see below.

You can buy our wine slushee on our Ecomerse Store, this website or schedule a tasting with your friends and buy at our tasting room.
        Company Trials 

What is involved? What is the benefit? 
  A retail company will get a trial unit at no cost for 1 month, this will allow their management to see how the sales enhance their business.  The per ounce price of $0.22 with a 9 ounce serving at a cost of $1.98 is attractive given the industry is selling Wine Slushees for $6.00 per 9 ounce serviing.  That is a $4.02 margin on each serving.  The HOT Summer months shows a reduction of alcohol sales due to high alcohol content.  Wine Slushees at 5% alcohol by volume with a refreshing sweetness in frozen form draws customers and the opposite happens, customers want a refreshing drink and gravitate to their favorite fruit flavored Slushee.             

Busch Stadium

"Steve Davis, "Memories of Elvis,
                   University City

Working Women Survival

River City Rascals

Tasting Room Home Buyers

Baby Shower Celebration

St Charles 18, Wehrenberg Theater

Come Visit Us!  See you in the Tasting Room, Enjoy!

St Louis Yacht Club


Lou Fusz Stadium Team picking up Wine Slushees!