Laszlo Corporation
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​   Suite 240

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Laszlo Corporation is a liquor wholesale distributor and a Wine Slushee manufacturer, we service retail markets, Stadiums, Amphitheaters, Theaters, Sports Bars, Restaurants, Sports Complex and sell our Wine Slushee as wholesale and retail to individual customers.  We also carry a 5 Star rating with our customers.  We provide tastings for groups and individuals on an appointment basis, 636-447-1312 call for your reservation.

Laszlo Corporation is proud to present award winning wines from Cezar  Winery, Szeremley Estates and Polgar Pince Winery.  Hungarian wines from Nagyrada, Balaton and Villany.   Hungarian wine tradition dates back 2000 years, back to the time of royalty and kings. The art of wine making has passed from generation to generation and with the addition of technology, computer controlled systems, perfecting the fermentation process controlling humidity and temperature, a Winery becomes a Premium wine producing Winery. This perfection has led to Gold, Silver and Bronze awards by seasoned sommiliers from Wine producing contries of the World.  That consistency was recognized by France and Hungary is named in the top 10 Wine producing countries of the World.

The wine that originated in the land of kings is now a new discovery in America; From the land of kings to your table, Laszlo Corporation proudly brings you our Menrath Wine collection.

5.0 average Star rating,   160 Total Ratings,  160 Positive ratings,   0 Negative ratings.


The aging room is computer controlled, as is the fermentation Tanks.  The temperature and humidity is set at optimal levels insuring best results.