Is Menrathwine Slushee a good luck Charm for the St. Louis Cardinals? : Menrathwine Slushee Journey

Is Menrathwine Slushee a good luck Charm for the St. Louis Cardinals?

by Les Suhayda on 10/23/13

Laszlo Corporation introduced "Menrathwine Slushee" to DNC Sports Services the Spring of 2011 and Mr. Norb Schmitt, DNC Sports Services Director, approved the product at Busch Stadium and servings started May 2011.  The trial was to last for the regular season, which was the end of September 2011. 
   The 2011 year was a magical year, the St. Louis Cardinals were 9 games out at the start of September and the stars aligned for the team and we won our division, some say we backed into the division because of a Philadelphia victory over Atlanta.
   DNC Sports Services asked us to continue the "Menrathwine Slushee" through the playoffs and our first year product became a World Series served product and the Cardinals won the World Series.

   In 2012, the Cardinals again went to post season play and lost to the San Francisco Giants.
   This year 2013, the Cardinals again are in the World Series, many wine slushee lovers claim our product was a good luck charm for the Cardinals.  I also believe that is true, how many other products can claim this type of success?  MLB teams are all very good, what sets them apart is the luck that follows them.  Some get the right calls at the right moment, which results in a win, some do not.  You decide, is the "Menrathwine Slushee" a good luck product or is this one step beyond the realm of comprehension? What ever the answer is, the fact remains, there are cardinal players that have left, Albert Pujoles, and other personnel, but the team gets the key hit or pitching performance at the right moment from players that are not expected to deliver.

   Checkout our Menrathwine Slushee tab for more interesting information. I would love to read your answers to this question.

   Go Cards and "Menrathwine Slushee"!

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