Interesting Fact about "Menrathwine Slushee" : Menrathwine Slushee Journey

Interesting Fact about "Menrathwine Slushee"

by Les Suhayda on 10/21/13

Laszlo Corporation's "Menrathwine Slushee"TM landed at Busch Stadium in May 2011 and was served in Season ticket holder sections of Busch Stadium.  This was the year the St. Louis Cardinals were 9 games out in September and went on a winning streak and made the playoffs.  Many say they backed into the playoffs, but they had a good luck charm that paved their destiny, "Menrathwine Slushee".  Coincidence? You decide. Further, In 2012, the St. Louis Cardinals again went to the post season playoffs and this year 2013, they again are in the World Series! How many other products can claim this type of good luck in a three year span? There is no question about the Cardinals talent, but there are other teams equally talented but for whatever reason do not have the luck to continue.
  Laszlo Corporation has teamed up with "Thirst Enders" the creator of the Slushie back packs and will serve "Menrathwine Slushee" down the isle for general admission fans to enjoy. It is our belief that the St. Louis Cardinals have a secret weapon that brings the best luck and that is "Menrathwine Slushee".  In 2014 "Menrathwine Slushee" will be available in take home pouches, 32 oz and 64 oz, to serve at your special BBQ, Birthday, Party or special occasion.  As the World Series starts remember this historical summary and see if "Menrathwine Slushee" does it again, "World Series Champions"? Even if they fall short, they got to the big dance and many other teams would have loved to achieve that.  Perhaps "Menrathwine Slushee" should be introduced in other MLB Stadiums?  What do you think?

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