Business Ethics : Menrathwine Slushee Journey

Business Ethics

by Les Suhayda on 05/01/14

Laszlo Corporation had a set back on April 12, 2014, a customer Cedar Lake Cellars, Wright City Missouri, was caught using Laszlo Corporation equipment selling a counterfeit wine slushie product to the public who believed the product was "Menrathwine Slushee" a group of business associates witnessed the event of Cedar Lake selling an inferior wine slushie to a large public gathering and Laszlo Executives asked them what they were doing and the Bar Manager Ms. Gina Rhodes reported they were introducing Cedar Lake wine slushie to the public.  Les Suhayda, President, of Laszlo Corporation, pointed out they were using Laszlo equipment and were not told of the plan they under took and expressed the concern of the quality effecting the brand of Laszlo Corporation's "Menrathwine Slushee" since it was a water based inferior product it cast a bad light on the customers who believed it to be "Menrathwine Slushee" product.  Ms. Rhodes reply was the public is buying it and they don't care.
   It is surprising to me that greed can transcend logic, a quality product is cast a side for an inferior product for the purpose of increasing revenue, but violating Federal and State law for the sake of GREED! 
   I know the public is smarter than what I heard the manager Rhodes tell me.  I believe the public will not support unethical business practices by Cedar Lake and over time their actions will come back to bite them.
   I believe small businesses should work together to create a competitive advantage against large competitors, but when a small business thinks they are above the law and can do what they please without recourse, then it is time for the public to learn of their actions and let the public decide on the punishment.

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