Menrathwine Slushee Journey

Menrathwine Slushee Journey

Menrathwine Retail Club is Open

by Les Suhayda on 06/02/15

Many customers were asking when they could buy direct from Laszlo Corporation, we are Official, we received our Retail License and the Retail Club is open.  Sign the guest book on any tab, Name, Address, Phone number, age and e-mail address required.

After signing guest book, go to My Store and select the wine or Menrathwine Slushee of choice and check out, we will e-mail pick up instructions.  This is a private club that will assist in many direct customer events, like Wedding Reception Bunn Machine rentals and convenient ordering as well as wine tasting oportunities.

Business Ethics

by Les Suhayda on 05/01/14

Laszlo Corporation had a set back on April 12, 2014, a customer Cedar Lake Cellars, Wright City Missouri, was caught using Laszlo Corporation equipment selling a counterfeit wine slushie product to the public who believed the product was "Menrathwine Slushee" a group of business associates witnessed the event of Cedar Lake selling an inferior wine slushie to a large public gathering and Laszlo Executives asked them what they were doing and the Bar Manager Ms. Gina Rhodes reported they were introducing Cedar Lake wine slushie to the public.  Les Suhayda, President, of Laszlo Corporation, pointed out they were using Laszlo equipment and were not told of the plan they under took and expressed the concern of the quality effecting the brand of Laszlo Corporation's "Menrathwine Slushee" since it was a water based inferior product it cast a bad light on the customers who believed it to be "Menrathwine Slushee" product.  Ms. Rhodes reply was the public is buying it and they don't care.
   It is surprising to me that greed can transcend logic, a quality product is cast a side for an inferior product for the purpose of increasing revenue, but violating Federal and State law for the sake of GREED! 
   I know the public is smarter than what I heard the manager Rhodes tell me.  I believe the public will not support unethical business practices by Cedar Lake and over time their actions will come back to bite them.
   I believe small businesses should work together to create a competitive advantage against large competitors, but when a small business thinks they are above the law and can do what they please without recourse, then it is time for the public to learn of their actions and let the public decide on the punishment.

Is Menrathwine Slushee a good luck Charm for the St. Louis Cardinals?

by Les Suhayda on 10/23/13

Laszlo Corporation introduced "Menrathwine Slushee" to DNC Sports Services the Spring of 2011 and Mr. Norb Schmitt, DNC Sports Services Director, approved the product at Busch Stadium and servings started May 2011.  The trial was to last for the regular season, which was the end of September 2011. 
   The 2011 year was a magical year, the St. Louis Cardinals were 9 games out at the start of September and the stars aligned for the team and we won our division, some say we backed into the division because of a Philadelphia victory over Atlanta.
   DNC Sports Services asked us to continue the "Menrathwine Slushee" through the playoffs and our first year product became a World Series served product and the Cardinals won the World Series.

   In 2012, the Cardinals again went to post season play and lost to the San Francisco Giants.
   This year 2013, the Cardinals again are in the World Series, many wine slushee lovers claim our product was a good luck charm for the Cardinals.  I also believe that is true, how many other products can claim this type of success?  MLB teams are all very good, what sets them apart is the luck that follows them.  Some get the right calls at the right moment, which results in a win, some do not.  You decide, is the "Menrathwine Slushee" a good luck product or is this one step beyond the realm of comprehension? What ever the answer is, the fact remains, there are cardinal players that have left, Albert Pujoles, and other personnel, but the team gets the key hit or pitching performance at the right moment from players that are not expected to deliver.

   Checkout our Menrathwine Slushee tab for more interesting information. I would love to read your answers to this question.

   Go Cards and "Menrathwine Slushee"!

Interesting Fact about "Menrathwine Slushee"

by Les Suhayda on 10/21/13

Laszlo Corporation's "Menrathwine Slushee"TM landed at Busch Stadium in May 2011 and was served in Season ticket holder sections of Busch Stadium.  This was the year the St. Louis Cardinals were 9 games out in September and went on a winning streak and made the playoffs.  Many say they backed into the playoffs, but they had a good luck charm that paved their destiny, "Menrathwine Slushee".  Coincidence? You decide. Further, In 2012, the St. Louis Cardinals again went to the post season playoffs and this year 2013, they again are in the World Series! How many other products can claim this type of good luck in a three year span? There is no question about the Cardinals talent, but there are other teams equally talented but for whatever reason do not have the luck to continue.
  Laszlo Corporation has teamed up with "Thirst Enders" the creator of the Slushie back packs and will serve "Menrathwine Slushee" down the isle for general admission fans to enjoy. It is our belief that the St. Louis Cardinals have a secret weapon that brings the best luck and that is "Menrathwine Slushee".  In 2014 "Menrathwine Slushee" will be available in take home pouches, 32 oz and 64 oz, to serve at your special BBQ, Birthday, Party or special occasion.  As the World Series starts remember this historical summary and see if "Menrathwine Slushee" does it again, "World Series Champions"? Even if they fall short, they got to the big dance and many other teams would have loved to achieve that.  Perhaps "Menrathwine Slushee" should be introduced in other MLB Stadiums?  What do you think?

Menrathwine Slushee gaining speed

by Les Suhayda on 10/08/13

There are some interesting developments on our "Menrathwine Slushee" product, an investment group in Naples Florida headed up by Mr. Andy Evva is gearing up to launch "Menrathwine Slushee" in Florida.  The focus is Theme Parks, Stadiums, Cruise Ship Lines, Chain Restaurants, Resorts, Country Clubs and more.  Florida is always warm and the retail sales records in St. Louis, $10,000 of Menrathwine Slushee sold the week of July 4th in over 100 degree temperature in 2012, has convinced the group that a frozen wine slushie 5% wine based alcohol with an array of fruit flavors is a major hit.
  Busch Stadium has opened the door for stadium sales.  Laszlo Corporation has teamed up with Thirst Enders out of Houston Texas, Mr. Fred Ash President, has sampled the "Menrathwine Slushee" in their back packs and is excited with the results, the flavors are outstanding and helps in presenting more products that work with their back pack system allowing servings to general admission fans in stadium seating.  These are the fans that sit in the sun during MLB games and have asked for the wine slushie product by choice.  The gear up is for 2014 and will be introduced to 12 MLB Stadiums. 
   The next presentation will be to NASCAR which is expected to be well received with "Thirst Enders" back packs sealing the deal.

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