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Laszlo Corporation is proud to present Menrath  Wines and Cezar sparkling wine in a can from Villany, Badacsony, and Nagyrada.  Hungarian wine tradition dates back 2000 years, back to the time of royalty and kings. The art of wine making has passed from generation to generation, but skill is not the only ingredient to an award winning wine. The French call it terrior, which is the sum effect of a vineyard's resources from soil, slope, orientation to the sun, and elevation, which is directly linked to the seasonal weather climate of rainfall, wind velocity, frequency of fog, cumulative hours of sunshine, average high and low temperatures.  Each vineyard has it's own terrior. 

The complex formula for an award winning wine brings man and mother nature together as partners to produce the perfect balanced wine that so many wine growers strive for.  The Villany region of Hungary is located in the southern Transdanubian region of the country.  The Mecsek Mountain range protects and aids the region with the proper balance of sunshine, rain, wind, and fog. The soil is a cretaceous limestone covered by loess and limy loam. The grapes produce substantial quantities of sugar. The wines are round full bodied, rich in aroma, taste, and are very smooth.

The Villany region is best known for their red wines and have taken the Blue Portuguese, Austrian Kekfrankos, French Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grapes to international award winning status.

The Villany Cuvee' Barrique 2000 a quality red wine, won the French Bordeaux-Ban Excellence Trophy in 2003. The international wine critics have predicted Hungary to be a future wine power with the quality and performance of their wines in international competition.

The Villany region of Hungary has earned the respect of many nations and have enjoyed that loyalty all these years. Laszlo Corporation is proud to bring the Villany premium wines to the United States under private label, Menrath Wines.

The wine that originated in the land of kings is now a new discovery in America; From the land of kings to your table, Laszlo Corporation proudly brings you Menrath Wines.

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Cezar Grand Select Cabernet Sauvignon

Handpicked grapes from our specially selected lots which enhance the quality and the character of the wine.  A full bodied, rich, fruity wine packed with black currant, chocolate and leather.  Good acidity and tannins create a fine structure with a long rich finish.
Double Award Winning Wine,  Gold Medal winner at Budapest Pannon Wine Festival and a Silver Medal Award at the Belgium Brussels International Wine Festival.
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